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carl-and-susanCarl and Susan Close started Hammersmith Studios in 1993. They realized that true hand crafted ironwork was on the brink of extinction and that historical ironwork was also disappearing. They made a vow to try and save those pieces of ironwork and revive blacksmithing in the Boston area. Hammersmith Studios is dedicated to creating and restoring works of art metal for future generations.

Hammersmith Studios’ logo design came from many sources of inspiration. Susan and Carl wanted the logo to represent what their company stands for. The double horn German-style anvil represents Carl’s German ancestry and is the symbol of excellence. The voluptuous foliated scrolls emerging from the top symbolizes Hammersmith Studios’ commitment to producing the best investment quality ironwork. The Latin inscription on the base means beauty and utility. Altogether it stands for unequaled excellence in hand-forged ironwork.

The Studios got its name from a variety of inspirational places. Saugus Ironworks in Saugus, MA is not far from the shop and was the first successful iron manufacturing facility in the New World. The early ironworks at Saugus was called Hammersmith and it is where Susan and Carl were inspired to carry on the iron working traditions of our early American ancestors. The other inspiration for the name comes from the London Borough of Hammersmith, the last residence of William Morris. He was the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement in England and America, and was a strict advocate of handcrafts and hand workmanship. His legacy has inspired Carl and Susan to carry on the Arts and Crafts tradition with conviction and passion.

Traditionial handcrafted ironwork projects are truly an investment. If high quality custom designed ironwork is something you would like to acquire or have restored, be prepared to pay a premium. The work is extremely hard, strenuous and tedious. Hammersmith Studios can work within budgets and deadlines to give you the absolute finest results. They have a vast supply of resources to get the project done right. All exterior work is priced with cutting edge galvanizing and powder coated finishes to provide the best protection against the elements.